Monday, 13 January 2014

Dog clipper - trimming your Yorkie alone step 1

Hi all! Today I am proud to show my new dog clipper. Some time ago I decided to groom my dog alone at home. This is a first step. A clipper. I also have special scizzors. Now it is time to learn :-) I will post various tutorials on trimming Yorkies:-) it is all not so easy and there are lots of Yorkies' hair styles. I will post those hairstyles with description. As for bahavioral issues, I also have an idea to attend with Pippi a dog training school - she barks a lot at people in the street :-) However, at night this is useful. Even though she is small, no burglar will break in unnoticed! So I have lots of ideas and definitely I will keep you all updated! Below my full trimming set!
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Friday, 10 January 2014

Pay attention to your Yorkies whiskers!

Recently I have started to learn how to trim my Yorkies face. Whenever I was getting close to my dog's face, she was becoming apparently very nervous. So I decided to read more and i found out about the special role of whiskers
Dogs have a set of stiff hairs protruding from the sides of their muzzles that are popularly called "whiskers." These are not at all like the nonfunctional whiskers that men sometimes grow on their faces and they are technically called vibrissae.
I have never cut them but Pippi was just cautious and wanted to avoid this. In the film below you may see why whiskers are so important and that cutting them may be harmful and painful as well. However, if you accidentally cut them off :
The whiskers will usually take a few weeks to a couple months to grow back. They grow just as the hair on the body does. So however fast her coat grows you can say that the whiskers will grow almost that fast but sometimes a little slower.
The vibrissae serve as an early warning device that something is near the face, and thus prevent colliding with walls and objects, and keep approaching objects from damaging the dog's face and eyes. You can demonstrate this for yourself by tapping gently on the vibrissae of a dog. With each tap, the eye on the same side of the face will blink protectively, and the dog will tend to turn its head away from the side tapped. The vibrissae also seem to be involved in the location of objects, and perhaps in the recognition of the objects themselves. Most animals use vibrissae much the way that a blind person uses a cane.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Gourmet restaurant for pets opens in Berlin - I bet your Yorkie would like to drop in and check it out :-)

Hi! I have a new idea for a business, a restaurant for Yorkies :-) I have just read that in Berlin a gourmet restaurant for dogs has been opened! t Yay :-) I find the idea really great and also a bit funny. But it is true - people do love their pets as if they were children and people do love pampering them. Also all kinds of services connected with pampering pets is very profiatble and can be cosidered a good source of income. Personally, I wouldn't mind setting up a business like this. First of all, competition in this area is rather small, there is a huge target group but not many (if any) competitors. Secondly, for me this would be combining work and having fun at the same time. Thridly, I consider dog food and nutrition a highly interesting topic. I think that what we get in stores is mostly junk food for dogs. Pippi doesn't even wanna give a try - she has never eaten dog canned food from a local store. I have to cook for her everyday (me or my family while I am at work) We all know that Yorkshire Terriers have delicate and sensitive digestive system - I even suspect that my dog may have some allergies as well. What do you think about such an idea? Would you like to visit such a place or you simply think it is egzageration?
The eatery, which opened its doors over the Christmas holiday, serves specialties such as kangaroo meat with broccoli or berries mixed with rice, wheat or other carbohydrates. Items on the menu have been carefully crafted by a pet nutritionist with the highest quality meats and vegetables, says owner David Spanier.
Hmmmm, yoummmy ......
Calling all pampered pets. Five-star dining for your furry friend is now a reality. Pets Deli in the Gruenewald district of Berlin caters for pampered pets Meals are priced from €3 to €6, with treats such as cupcakes costing €4 Beef, turkey or kangaroo meat with broccoli or berries all on the menu Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook Below some pics:
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