Friday, 28 August 2015

It's Friday!

Happy Friday to everyone!

enjoying summer - dogs' playground

Pippi enjoys summer and has great fun. Below, pictured lying on grass and running - having good time at dogs' playground. Looking at her, I guess that Yorkshire Terriers should have special dogs' playgrounds designed for small dogs only. Yorkies also like to train and to exercise. They have loads of energy, but they need smaller equipment. Playground for dogs is a great way to keep your best friend in shape. You can also make a dog's playground yourself, especially as it seems that most of playgrounds are designed for larger dogs. Materials needed to create a playground are:
  • tires
  • plastic pool
  • balls
  • tires
  • hoola hoop
  • balls
in my next post I will write more about how to prepare area for dogs' playground. However, if you do not have a garden large enough, you can also use dogs' playground available in your town/ city. Even if your Yorkie will not be able to jump, she/ he can run like Pippi does :-)

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Safe snacks - can dogs eat cabbage ...?

Pippi loves eating cabbage, she looks like a small rabbit chewing on it. I was just wonddering if it is safe and healthy for her. I mean, it is healthy for people to eat cabbage because of antioxidants and lots of vitamin C and vitamin K. It is low in calories and contains lots of nutrients. They prevent nerve damage, boosting your defense against Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. Red cabbage is the most beneficial. The natural red pigments of red cabbage, called betalains help to lower blood sugar levels and increase insulin production. Red cabbage has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Sounds great! So what about dogs ... Is it healthy also for them? Yes! And many dogs simply love it. Dog's ancestor, the wolf, is a carnivore, but domestication has turned dogs into omnivores. Cabbage aids their digeestive system and prevents cancer. You should give small amounts of it to your dog, the best cannage is off course raw cabbage or steam cooked. Otherwise, it is not as rich in nutrients. If you give too much cabbage to your dog it can cause gas. Raw cabbage is perfectly fine in smaller quantities but it contains a natural compound thiocyanate suppresseing the thyroid gland. So if you want to feed your dog with large quantities of cabbage cook it (steam pot is the beest.
Dogs can digest meat as well as grains, fruits and vegetables. While there isn't anything wrong with feeding your dog small amounts of safe vegetables and fruits, be sure they're not more than a third of the dog's daily consumption of food.
below some links if you want to read more on this toopic:

Monday, 24 August 2015

Coloring Yorkie's hair

I have been used to people dying fur of poodle, but I have never thought that somebody may actually dye hair of a Yorkie. The natural coloring of a Yorkie is very interesting. Yorkies are born black with tan areas: on the muzzle, on the legs, the ears, and the underside of the tail. As a Yorkshire terrier transitions from a puppy to an adult, the coat changes its color. As an adult, there are 4 categories of colors, these colorings are:
  • black and tan
  • black and gold
  • blue and gold
  • blue and tan
However, some people want to change the color of a Yorkie for fun :-) Some popular dog colors are:
  • Pink dog fur for Valentines Day
  • Green dog fur for St. Patrick’s Day
  • Red & green dog fur for Christmas
  • Red/white/blue dog fur for an election year or 4th of July in US
  • Colorful circles on dog fur for the Olympics
  • Colorful circles on dog fur for the Olympics
The important thing to know is that human hair dye should never be used on dogs as it is toxic. The safest way to do this is to use organic fur dyes for dogs that contain only natural ingredients. here is a short tutorial showing how to do this properly: and some pictures illustrating end results:
and a colored poodle:

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Pippi... some new and older pics

I really love photography. I have Olympus E-420, a small and quite easy to use digital SLR. I also use Samsung compact camera, which is handy when I have a small handbag and I travel. Of course Olympus gives better quality of the pics, but you can also achieve good effects with a compact camera. I have quite many pictures of Pippi. It is very difficult to take a good picture of a dog (or other pets). They are moving quickly and you need to be really fast to catch the moment. Below a summer pic of Pippi - you can see she enjoys green grass a lot
here she is with a bit longer hair - she looks a bit tired cause it was really hot on that day!
here a bit older pics:
and photos showing Pippi after a visit to a hairdresser:
and a pic of Pippi wearing a winter cap
do you also enjoy taking pictures of your dogs?

Friday, 21 August 2015

Yorkie and hot weather

It has been a while since my last post, but I have moved to Ireland and it has been a really busy period of time. I see that even though I haven't posted anything for more than one year, I have new blog views everyday. This is great, thanks! I decided to reactivate my blog. Now I spend the most of my time in Ireland and I go to Poland as often as possibe. Yorkshire Terriers are really popular dogs here in Ireland. Maybe I can ask some people and take pictures of their dogs here :-) Most of the time in summer, temperature in Ireland is around 17-18 Celsius degrees. For me it is quite cold for a summer, but I have already got used to it. However, it can be very hot in Poland in August. It was very hot at the beginning of August - more than 30 degrees - even 36 Celsius degrees.
Dogs need of course special care to ensure they enjoy the warm weather safely. Any area of the skin with a thin covering of hair can be prone to sunburn. Dogs can get sunburn on their nose and if the skin is broken there is an increased risk. Those with white hair, short hair breeds or recently groomed dogs are more prone to sunburn. Alternatively, keep your dog indoors when the sun is at its hottest. You can also put high factor sunscreen lotion, on your dog's ears to protect them against serious sun damage. It is obviously important to provide your dog with plenty of fresh, drinking water. Keep a close watch on your dog's weight. Some dogs may be spending more time exercising outdoors and so may need more food, but if the weather becomes very warm, inactivity may decrease the amount they need to eat. - here you find more information how to keep your dog cool in hot weather We enjoyed a calm walk in the nearby forest with Pippi. As it was place in shade, she felt great there!
and here is Pippi with her new friend - a kitten Lucy :-) she is cute, isn't she?